Selection Process


World’s Most Trusted Brand Awards has been able to curate a distinguished platform which is one of its kind for the brands and businesses around the world across various diversities, geographies and sizes. If your brand has earned the loyalty of its consumers, has made a mark among its niche, has the potential to create global footprint, is loved & admired by the people and has a unique story to showcase, then this is the right place to get the recognition you deserve.

We along with our team of skilled professionals and experts have created a selection methodology which identifies and gives the brand an opportunity to get honored on a globally acclaimed corporate awards platform. The same has been explained below in various levels:

Level 1:

This is the initial level of the selection process in which a diversified list of about 2500 brands from all over the globe was generated and classified under 93 categories through secondary research, using surveys, market studies and industry specific brand reports. The list of brands was prepared using existing listings, rankings, market surveys, research reports and other available sources.

Level 2:

Whether your brand is a competitive one, performing well, has earned its fair share of goodwill and is trusted by the consumers or not is decided at this stage. The preliminary list of approx. 2500 brands was thoroughly examined and given a rating on a scale of 1 to 10 (where 1 is the lowest and 10 is the highest) by our research team on various parameters such as Brand Trust, Brand Impact, Brand Image, Brand Identity, Brand Leadership, Brand Growth, Brand Innovation, Brand Equity & Brand Value.

Level 3:

The consumer choice plays a key role when it comes to the selection of a brand for this renowned title. It is the consumers at this stage which determine the destiny of the brands they have been using with trust and paying for out of their own pockets. So to get a clear picture of the user’s mindset the consumers in more than 100 countries were asked to vote for World's Most Trusted Brand Awards via consumer survey conducted by IBC. 1,89,542 votes were collected and 500 of the leading brands categorized into 93 industry segments were shortlisted. The survey questionnaire explored a range of parameters such as quality, features, pricing, discounts, after sales service, reputation & various other factors. Even the nationwide and global presence of the brand was considered along with its USP.

The respondents were also asked to give a brand trust rating to the brand they voted for to best reflect the consumer choice.

Level 4:

This particular stage is the most important & difficult stage as here the shortlisted brands are finally reviewed and rated by the industry experts and leaders from various domains. (The jury panel consists of top renowned corporate leaders from various areas of expertise including, but not limited to Business, Finance, Advertising, Media, International Business and an International Global Relations expert advisor.) The panel of eminent jury members rates the brands on a scale of 1 to 10 after a careful assessment.

Final Stage:

The final list of WORLD’S MOST TRUSTED BRANDS was prepared based on the cumulative scores received by the jury, editorial team and consumer votes received through survey. 

  • 20 % weightage was given to the IBC research team evaluation

  • 30 % weightage was given to the jury rating and assessment

  • 50 % weightage was given to consumer votes via survey

Analysis: The cumulative scoring of IBC research team, Jury members and Consumer votes was taken under consideration to finalize the winners of "WORLD’S MOST TRUSTED BRAND AWARDS 2021".